Penny: Gulf, Mobile & Ohio: Expansion #1

— 2 minute read

This was not my first play of Gulf, Mobile & Ohio, but this was my first time with the expansion: Gulf, Mobile & Ohio: Expansion #1. With GMO being one of my personal favorite Winsome titles, I was excited to finally give this a shot.

After a first play, it seems that this expansion does add some nice variety to the title. The extra railroad color obviously affects the end game condition and comes into play when either the map is already a hot mess, or just maybe, when there is a lucrative spot for it to exploit. Our case was a bit more of the hot mess case. The extra color also extends the game a bit, which means the math of the various dividends and how much they will payout over the course of the game will change, which I did not really think through before playing. As a result, I came in a distant last and fell behind on the money curve.

Overall, this is a nice expansion. I do not think it is something I would throw in for every play, but it adds some nice variety and changes the math a bit and can keep the game feeling fresh and different.

BGG Game Link: Gulf, Mobile & Ohio, Expansion #1